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Trinityau Update.......Great news

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Posted 14 January 2012 - 03:33 PMHello All, Here is an update for the last few days. Thanks to all for prayers and hope.



31 Dec 2011................Complained of back pain, went to the Chiropractor and got adjusted. Seemed to be ok for a few days.

3 Jan 2012..................Went back with more back pain, Chiropractor thought it was some sort of infection. Received some OTC drugs. All seemed well for a few more days. He had given her some days off from work.


5 Jan 2012..................Deb was still sheduled off of work. I called her about 1800 hrs and something did not seem right. I told her to make sure and take her meds on time. 2000 hrs that I called her and she was not acting right. I told her to sit down as I was leaving work and taking her to the ER.


5 Jan 2012..................Stayed in the ER from 2030 hrs till 0500 hrs on the sixth of Jan.


6 Jan 2012..................Was admitted at 0500 in the morning to the general ward. Continued to get worse.


7 Jan 2012..................At 0400 hrs was moved to ICU. After many hours they determined it was MSRA in the blood. Began routine treatment with IV Anti Biotics.


8 Jan 2012..................Continued treatment but urine output had stopped. Doctors talking about Kidney Dialysis, 1700 hrs lungs start to get weak. She is on a ventillator (life support) at 2000 hrs.


9 Jan 2012..................CVVH/Dialysis begins.


10 Jan 2012................0400 hrs right lung collapse. Procedures taken to rectify. By 1800 hrs lung has started to function at limited capacity.


11 Jan 2012................Dialysis is ongoing, Blood numbers are coming back good. Doctors say infection is under control. Still no urine output and still on ventillator at 60 per cent. 1700 hrs Doctors want to start a blood transfusion.




12 Jan 2012................Received blood and started transfusion at 1800 hrs. Transfusion ongoing through the night.


13 Jan 2012................0800 hrs transfusion complete, all okay. 1400 hrs Doctors want to take out the chest tube that was put in after the lung collapse, not doing its job. Specialist called in to put in another chest tube at a different location. 1430 hrs, that did not take long. Lung is starting to expand better. New tube is in and seems like an immediate change. The large air pocket on the right breast has started to go down. Yellow tinge on skin is already starting to go away. Beginning to get good color again. Nurses doing a balancing act with the vital numbers and medications.


14 Jan 2012................0400 hrs and the Nurses say the nighttime hours went well with all stats holding with only minor adjustments to meds. 0800 hrs ventillator is now at 60 per cent. Still no urine but starting to get some solid waste. Ongoing blood/gas labs are still showing positive on the infection, however, numbers on certain areas are starting to get better. Billyrubins are down from 10.7 to 1.3 . White cells are dropping from 37 and staying where the doctors think they should be. 1200 hrs and the ventillator is at 45 percent. She is still under heavy sedation and morphine. Continuing with IV Drips of Anti-Bodies. Dialysis is still ongoing and they are starting to push fluids out, swelling is going down. It is 1530 hours now and I have to get back up to ICU.


Thanks again to all. Please keep it up as it seems things may be on a turn around. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS








15 Jan 2012................Today was a day of waiting and watching. The doctors want to try and get her numbers right so they can get her to the MRI and see if they can locate a hotspot of infection that has not shown up on the CT Scan. Numbers are staying where nurses want them, all day and all night.




16 Jan 2012................Another day of watching and waiting, all day and all night.




17 Jan 2012................0900 hours and she is going to the MRI. Two hours later and she is back in ICU. 1200 hours and the Doctors have pictures from the MRI. Pictures show a fist sized hotspot of infection on her right lower back. 1400 hours and she is in interventional surgery and they are inserting a drain tube into the hotspot. While in surgery they pull out 60 to 80 cc's of fluid from inside the hotspot. 1600 hours and she is back in ICU. Nurses had a time the rest of the day and night trying to juggle meds and blood pressure. She dropped down to the low thirties one time for awhile and then things started to go bad. By 2300 hours her numbers are stable again and stay stable throughout the night.




18 Jan 2012...............Numbers are still good this morning and they say she is probably getting some much needed rest. Blood cultures and Labs are still every 4 to 6 hours. Hotspot is still draining and is very thick and slow. 1430 hours and we finally get negative results on labs and cultures. 1700 hours and we are continuing to get negative results on blood labs. 1800 hours and the doctors are saying things have took a big turn for the better. Numbers are staying where they need to be. White cells are down to 13 now. Her lungs appear to be working better than what the doctors thought they would be right now. Her liver is good with the billyrubins down around 1.5 and she has started to urinate some. The Doctors are actually talking about easing up on the sedation and the morphine in the morning and trying to get her to come around.We still have many things ahead but right now I am taking them one at a time. Everything is looking up tonight.




Again, Thanks to all for prayers and support. I am being told that all of this will be covered by my employers Workmans Comp. What a relief. I am also being told that all my co workers have donated enough sick days and vacation days to cover my time off till I am back to work. I cannot ask for much more than that. I feel very optimistic at this point. THANKS TO ALL AND GOD BLESS. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS








Hello All, I dont know if I can even get the last seven days in the right order so much has happened. Things at this point are looking better and better. Thanks again to everyone and God Bless All.




19 Jan 2012............Another day of rest with numbers going back and forth. Deb is somewhat stable but with some ups and downs. Catscans today.




20 Jan 2012...........MRI first thing this morning and then another day of rest and trying to get her stable for surgery. I get word tonight that surgery will go forward on 21 Jan at 1630 hours.




21 Jan 2012..........0800 hours and down to the MRI for last picture before surgery this afternoon. She is pretty stable right now. 1600 hours and the transport crew is here to take her into surgery. They said two to four hours. 1800 hours and she is back in the room and looking just as good as she did before surgery. All went well and the Doctors seem pleased. She is on a wound vac.




22 Jan 2012.........Back on Dialysis and added two more units of blood. By 0900 hours she is doing pretty good. At noon the Nurses are cutting back on sedatives and she is coming around. At 1600 hours she is shaking her head from side to side and squeezing my hands. By 2000 hours she has opened her eyes and is actually looking at us. At 2100 hours we find out that the labs are now negative for the last 72 hours.




23 Jan 2012........I called the ICU before going in and the Nurse said that she is alert and perky. I did not expect much until I got there. I laid my hand in hers and said her name and she looked up at me and smiled and raised her arms. It took me almost 5 minutes to even realize that they had took her off of life support. The ventillator was gone, no tubes sticking in her mouth. She looked great. The rest of the day was great with her smiling and making motions. She slept well very well tonight.




24 Jan 2012.......Arrived at the ICU at 0500 hours and sat there till she woke up on her own. She is now completely lucid and I am able to tell her for the first time what has happened over the last two and a half weeks. She is even starting to talk and do some simple therapy with her arms and legs. Everything works. Her muscle tone is lost but will come back in time. The Doctors are amazed at the comeback of her lungs. Her kidneys are still not working well but the Doctors say that they will be the last to respond and should start kicking in.




25 Jan 2012.......0900 hours and they are changing some picklines out and pulled the first chest tube out. The air leak has been stopped now for three days. They took out the tube going in her left side groin and are pulling her off of more meds. She is down from three IV stands to one stand with only two bags on it. At 1300 hours she goes out for another MRI. 1400 hours she is back in ICU and still looking good. The MRI pictures come back and show the abcess pretty well gone. She is getting well enough that she is keeping the Nurse's hopping if they are a few minutes late repositioning her. She is keeping everyone else busy rubbing her feet and hands.




26 Jan 2012......Late getting in this morning. She is doing fantastic, smiling and talking back to us. At 1000 hours they take her downstairs again to put a tunneling catheter near her neck for future Dialysis if needed. They also pull the right side groin tube. 1130 hours and she is back in ICU and looking like nothing has happened. We are waiting for the Speech Therapist to get here so we can see if she can drink and eat. 1630 hours and the Speech Therapist has done her evaluation and she has ordered soft and mechanical dinner. She can also drink out of a glass, no straw. I am at the house now typing this and I am just so relieved it is almost impossible to convey in words.




Thanks to everyone and God Bless all. Thanks for everyones thoughts and prayers. To all, Do me a favor and give your wife or husband a kiss and a hug just to be be doing it.









27 Jan 2012...........Deb slept very well last night, she now knows what has been going on for the last three weeks. 0800 and they are getting another X-Ray before taking the last chest tube out. Her numbers are very stable now. The only thing she is hooked up to is a nasal canula and it is set at 1 liter. She is doing just about everything on her own. She did not get to eat breakfast this morning because of setting her up for another round of Dialysis. 0900 hours and they have her on the big machine now. She will be on it for three hours. 1230 hours and they are changing out PIC lines. 1400 hours, after being told that she will probably have another few days at ICU we are hit with a very welcome surprise. At 1700 hours she will be transfered to Northern California Rehab here in Redding. A long afternoon waiting but the transportation crew shows up right on time at 1700 hours. By 1830 hours she is in her new room at Northern California Rehab and looking tired but in good shape. She had dinner and ate almost all and is ready to go to sleep.



Thank You All again, I cannot say that enough. Everyone take care and God Bless. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS



I completely forgot that Deb's birthday is 29 January, tomorrow, Sunday. Happy Birthday Deb.

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Ray ... That is indeed great news. I will continue to keep you and Deb in my thoughts until we all hear she is completely recovered. That woman must have something in life that God wants her to do ... when the time comes she will figure out what it is. All the best to you both!


Mike F

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Ray--so exceptionally glad that things worked out!


Wish Deb a happy, happy birthday--you have wonderful reason for celebration tomorrow.


All the best,



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