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Hello All,


Now that I have a detector worth driving some distance to use (GPX5000), I would like to start hitting some areas in Az. and Nv. I keep hearing about and seeing posts about Gold Basin and would like to try that area. If I am correct it is north of Kingman and east of the I-93. I know there is supposed to be a couple of GPAA claims (Badhe Claims) in the vicinity, but was wondering if someone could give me some info on areas that are open to the public for detecting? Thanks in advance.



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Chris the GPAA claims have enough land at the basin to keep ya busy for awhile.

Then theres other club claims and alot of private claims.

I am partners in a claim there also and if ya make it out there PM me and I'll tell ya where it is and you can have a go at it while yer there too.

Hapy Huntn

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