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Oversized 1993 D Penny

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Hello fellow hunters,


Here's something really interesting:


I found this penny in the AZ desert last summer just south of Rich Hill in Stanton. Yes, we go out even in the highest heat,


just keep your hat and shirt wet.


Does anyone have any information or maybe someone else has found one in the past? Iv'e never found anything like this


before while out treasure hunting. My uncle says I should send it to a university lab or something similar. Usually finding


zinc pennies are all corroded with bubbles and stuff but this has none of that and the print is all the same as a normal


penny of that same year.


Let me know.


Thank you,




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I always thought zinc pennies were minted like 1943 during world war II, and this was done to save copper for the military war effort during that time frame, I have never seen anything like this, maybe it is a miss strike using zince by mistake, if so this maybe is very valuable, maybe you should try to find a coin expert? Good Luck

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How do you know it is zinc?


They would have to made a special die to make a coin that size. Everything is enlarged(sort of like done on a computer)

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Magicians use these coins. They are technically illegal since they are meant to pass for lawfully minted coins. They are cast not struck on a die. If you look at the word CENT on the back you might discover that it really says CENI. ;)


There are at least two different types for different tricks. You might check to see if it's magnetic. A lot of coin tricks depend on magnets to do the "magic". A steel core with zinc or epoxy around it or just resin with steel shavings added will do the "trick".


It looks to be in pretty good shape for a zinc token. Some were just resin with a "copper" coating. Some were sold as a set of different years so you could always have a "magic" penny that matched whatever was pulled out of someone's pocket.


You used to be able to buy these from magic supply stores. I'm sure they are still available today but the gov has raided stores and seized enough of these that I suspect they are no longer available to amateur magicians or casual shoppers as they once were. Much like a chinese herb shop you've got to look under the counter for the good stuff.


I'm sorry if I've taken a bit of the magic out of coin tricks but you can continue on with my assurances that the easter bunny is real and so are those pretty magic eggs he lays. :rolleyes:

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That would be a trick indeed if "he" laid the eggs! :) :) :)


Mike F

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