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CALL Chris! BONUS Mulit-meter with Gold Screamer® System

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A SPECIAL OFFER for AZO customers.


For the next 25 people who purchase their Gold Screamer® Power Pack From Chris, we are giving away a FREE Voltage multi-meter, batteries included. This way you can easily check your batteries to make sure that they are topped off and operating at peak performance.




For those of you that have the old SD or GP machines, the Gold Screamer Power Pack makes your machine act like a totally different machine. It weighs only 14 ounces. These older machines simply did not have the volume necessary to help you find those faint target signals. The Gold Screamer has a built in amplifier that actually gives you about a 300% increase in volume over the standard sound you hear in your earphones. The amplifier is so strong it actually will drive an optional speaker.


The complete system is $469 plus shipping. It comes with two batteries, Gold Screamer Amplifier regulator, AC/DC battery charger, and Control Box cover.


How does this compare to using a stock 5 pound Minelab Battery? Let's compare.


If you were to buy


2 Minelab Batteries at $128 each = $256

Minelab AC Charger $51

Minelab DC Charger $172

Machine Cover $39 avg


TOTAL $518.


And you still have no amplification with a Minelab battery, it weighs 5 pounds, and additional batteries are $128.


With the Gold Screamer System, additional batteries are only $50. Once you have your initial investment, if you want to add additional batteries it won't cost you another arm and a leg.


To sweeten the deal, along with supplying you with the Deluxe Digital readout charger, we will throw in an additional FREE economy AC/DC charger, so you can charge both batteries at once.


Call CHRIS at AZO 1-928-777-0267 to order your system today.



You will never go back to that heavy 5 pound brick again.


Gold Screamer® is a Federally Regisitered Trademark of Doc's Detecting Supply.

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