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Chris Coffee

Are you a big game hunter?

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I know this is not the classified section but I'm hoping this will be allowed here for visibility sake. I am looking to either sell, or trade, all of my hunting gear for a used Fisher GB2 detector. I have several sets of clothing, knives, backpacks, $250 vortex binoculars, deer bags, new gambrel w/pulley, hunting duffel bags, and more. My cold weather clothing set retails for $300 by itself and was only used for one season. It is still in immaculate condition. If you are a serious interested party I can get you a list of what I have. I am looking to get $500. That would be either $500 in trade value or cash. Interested parties please pm me through this site or call me at 760-985-7075. Thank you.




PS.... the clothing is going to be in the XL to XXL range as I am 6'1" and 260 pounds. Even have a womens fleece set.

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Below is a list of what I have that I can remember for sure AND isn't at the bottom of the storage container that I place my gear in between seasons.


1. Redhead Hybrid Illuminator Backpack in mint condition w/2-Liter Bladder. Bass Pro no longer sells this because they just brought out a new model in June. http://www.ifished.c...ore/cp/1170692/


2. Redhead Day Trail Backpack in very good condition. Not exact but very similar to this. http://www.ebay.com/...=item3a8962ac37


3. Unused, out of package, Butt-Out Tool. http://www.basspro.c.../product/94754/


4. New Lensatic Marching Compass with holder and in the box. http://www.ebay.com/...=item43b6fafaae


5. Two older but fully functional Deer Calls. One has a movable o-ring and a ridged tube for adjustment and the other can be used from both ends to make different sounds.


6. Absolute mint condition Outdoor Edge Kodi-Pack Knife Set. http://www.outdoored...-p/kodi-pak.htm


7. Brand new in package Ridge Hunter 4:1 Gambrel System http://www.basspro.c...duct/591910273/


8. Used but in near mint condition Vortex Diamondback Binoculars with Vortex Bino-Harness and lens pen. http://www.basspro.c...product/103143/


9. Two new and unused Deer Bags. http://www.basspro.c...oduct/11100511/


10. Coleman Roadtrip XL Grill with two burner grates. http://www.coleman.c...10#.UsNdLbSQkRY


11. Coleman NorthStar Propane Lantern with Coleman Case. Perfect condition. http://www.coleman.c...10#.UsNdi7SQkRY


12. Energizer Folding Lantern (works great inside a tent or trailer. http://www.walmart.c...ea-Lan/32545820


13. One XL Redhead Hunting Gear Bag and one Medium Hunting Gear Bag both in great condition (version prior to this one) http://www.basspro.c...oduct/10209470/


14. Turkey Calls (mouthpiece style)


15. Pair of real forked-horn antlers from my kill 3 years ago (for rattling during the rut season)


16. Some scent block spray


17. Foldable Dove Hunting Seat


18. Folding Spring-steel Turkey Blind


I may have some more stuff that i just don't remember right off hand, but this is a pretty good list of all of the good stuff. The approximate value of all of this equipment is between $1,000 and $1,100 before taxes. All gear is in very good or better condition. Looking to get between $600 - $700 for everything...and if you do the $700, we can talk about me delivering it to you somewhere in Arizona. Thanks for taking the time to respond and I hope that we can make a deal on all, or at least some, of the gear. I am really trying to get myself a Gold Bug 2 so every little bit right now helps. Have a Happy New Years Eve and New Year.

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OK....PLEASE....if you are not serious about buying any of these items, please do not waste my time with a thousand questions, or give me a price, etc.! The only thing that seems to be getting any attention is the Vortex Binoculars, so if you want them the price is $160 SHIPPED. If you want insurance, that is $2.00 extra. These go, used, on eBay for between $175 and $200 (I just looked), so $160 with the lens pen, case, bino harness, all eyepiece covers, and the neck strap...I would say it is a very fair price!

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