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I tried editing my original post but it kept erroring out and saying I'd uploaded too many media files, which is not true but oh well... here's what I wanted to add.



Model RC-46 Rock Crusher with "Roller Scraper" Mill, amazing 3 Stage Compact Rock Crusher.


Pictures can be seen at: http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/nvn/for/4491106055.html


This Model quickly crushes 4" x 6" Rock into ultra fine powder. Over 20 years of manufacturing has proven this model to be a tried and tested reliable work horse. Rock is quickly crushed into 1/8 inch in size through the first stage jaw crusher and automatically delivered into the roller mill which reduces the material into fine powder. Material is then processed through the roller scraper which further reduces the material into "Ultra Fine Powder".


Oversize material may require an additional pass. All replaceable and wear parts are designed with the operator in mind for easy adjustment and replacement in the field. Powered by an 11 HP Honda engine with a 6 to 1 gear reduction for dependable service. Designed for production with the highest quality material and components available. Built as compact as possible for ease of handling and maneuverability.


Paid over $10,000.00 to purchase and have shipped up to British Columbia and it comes with several hundred dollars worth of spare parts, rollers, scraper plates, jaw crusher plates etc, upgraded with grade 8 bolts and used to crush samples from a hard rock gold claim I have. Have obtained the gold from the ore and now have no need for it. Less than 15 minutes of use on it, in like new condition, still on pallet from Keene Engineering.


Save yourself GST and over $1,000.00 in shipping charges... available for pickup in British Columbia (can deliver for additional price to cover gas etc). I may be interested in a partial trade which includes a GPX5000 (you can never have too many GPX5000's)


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7 hours ago, LipCa said:

$10,000 for 15 minutes??

Wish it were closer...

BTW, link does not work.


This ad and the link is 4 years old, the link has been deleted for quite a while I would think.

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Wonder why I picked it up anyway??  Must of just been on Google somewhere.....  And didn't look at date.

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