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Hello all, I got out this weekend for a few hours to try out the new F-19 from Fisher. I was able to detect two small pieces without the use of headphones. Chris was using the GB Pro with the ten inch coil and snagged a few in an area away from where I was. I wanted to use the F-19 in an area that has been hit hard. I will be taking the F-19 to Nevada next weekend and put it through a rigorous workout. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS


post-197-0-32087800-1405360589_thumb.jpg post-197-0-82958900-1405360596_thumb.jpg


post-197-0-88676400-1405360601_thumb.jpg post-197-0-21261600-1405360608_thumb.jpg

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Ray, it's great to see that the new F-19 can snag little nuggets like those. I was thinking it was going to be geared more towards coin & relic. After seeing your initial findings, it looks like it could be a solid all-purpose type detector. Congrats on the nuggets - thanks for sharing!

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