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It's that time again - annual BLM claims filings

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It's time again to make your annual recordings and filings to keep your mining claims for another year. We put out this notice and flyer every year to help claim owners to understand the obligations involved and guide them to the best choices for their particular situation.


Important points to remember whether you choose to pay the $155 per 20 acres or take the small miners exemption and pay $10 per claim (no matter what size).


1. Every claim must have a County Recording AND a BLM filing for each year you intend to hold the claim.

2. The Federal filing deadline is August 31.


The details are in the chart and flyer below. Just follow the arrows as you make your decisions. Download the PDFs and take your time. Please do share this information with other miners - a lot of claims are lost each year due to missed deadlines or improper paperwork.


Feel free to ask questions. This stuff can be pretty confusing.







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Just to make sure. Even though I have already paid the $155. Maintenance fee to the blm I still have to file a notice of intent to hold with those sweet ladies with the county by the end of the calendar year? Is that correct? And you are correct this can all be very confusing.

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That's correct blister98. Just make a note on your Intent to Hold recording that you have paid the annual maintenance fee.


I'm not sure which State your claim is in but the recording deadline for Intent to Hold is different in some States. In Arizona it is December 31st.


If you are invoking the Small Miners Exemption you need to be aware that December 31st is too late for for your Intent to Hold or Work Affidavit. The BLM copy of those recordings must be filed with the BLM by December 30. If you file on December 31st your claim will be closed and declared void.


Tricky stuff indeed.

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