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digger dave

They are out there

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I came across and cought this one two weeks ago and he was about 5 1/2' +, with an attitude to go with it. I catch these and skin them and put it on canes. This one I let go becuse it was a little to big, but was good eatin size. Since then I have seen two to more and bigger. Still finding gold but I am a lot more carful when out there, and you all should be too.











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Too bad they had to die to get on those beautiful canes...a really cool use of snake skin!


My sympathy is for the snake....still.


nice gold too.


What method or process do you use to prepare the skins, if that is not a secret???



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Very nice work on the canes Dave. an thanks for postn the gold !!!

How bout the 3m automotive spray on adhesives or do you use the ol weldwood contact cement to adhear the skins ??

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