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Arizona Outback

AZO now offers Nokta detectors!

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Hi Everyone,


We have had numerous calls and emails in the last few days from folks on the forum wanting to know if AZO carries the Nokta line of metal detectors….Well, we are very excited to say - YES!!! At this time we don’t have a tremendous amount of stock, but we are carrying the FORS Gold and FORS CoRe; either as standards or with the Pro Package. More information is available on the AZO website http://www.arizonaou...detectors/1039/, or please call us at 1.928.777.0267.



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And in the for what it is worth department I had the Fors Gold with the little 5" round DD coil for a day a week or so ago ... VERY impressive, extremely sensitive and simple machine. The vibrate only mode on the detector was ingenious ... eliminates the need for either a external speaker or headphones if you want to hunt totally incognito. If you are thinking about adding a VLF to your arsenal the Fors Gold is a very worthy consideration.

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