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GPX 4000 package for sale

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post-36463-0-18630600-1427602523_thumb.jpgI have a GPX4000 for sale it is a great detector and has more then payed for itself it comes with the following

7coils 17 inch NF elip.mono spoke body 2 batteries

14 inch NF elip mono solid body 3 power cables(one is a monster cable)

12 inch NF elip mono solid body 2 sets koss ur 30 phones

11 inch round DD factory coil 3 xtra lower shafts

10 inch elip DD commander coil new carbon fiber upper shaft + factory aluminum upper shaft

8 inch round mono commander coil new cable garde

8x6 inch NF elip mono coil xtra coil bolts

detector harness(factory never used)

New lower price

Will sell the whole package for $2500 or if you would like i will sell the detector with just 2 coils (11 inch factory DD and a coil of your choice) and all the other items,batteries,cables,phones,1 xtra lower shaft,harness,bolts,cable garde for $1750

Price includes shipping and ins.will take cashsiers/bank check.

If interested PM me.

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