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dick ward

Don't open until 17 May - Contaminated by Gold Bug Virus

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From Dick Ward and Mike Garrard.


In addition to wishing you a happy birthday, we want to say THANK YOU. We appreciate your listening to our requirements before guiding us to specific equipment purchases. Thank you for providing the best metal detectors and coils available. We both use Minelab detectors; Minelab & Nugget Finder coils.


Thanks also for taking the time to listen when we call with questions then giving straight answers. It's great to have a friend to rely on rather than just talking to a salesperson.


We just got back from three days detecting in the desert. We were going to send you some of our new nuggets but couldn't find your mailing address and didn't have the money for stamps anyway. So ....... :D ....... we decided to just post pictures for your Birthday present and keep the gold.










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Dick & Mike,


The photos of you guys smiling with those big nuggets is present enough for me! Well of course unless any of those pieces over an ounce are too bulky to carry around, then I'll be happy to relocate them for you :D Seriously guys, thank you so much for the kind words. Your business and friendship mean a whole lot, and I'm so jazzed that you got onto a nice run - congratulations! I guess there's no need for a phone call to make sure the new equipment is working properly :P Keep the gold and photos coming!

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