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Arizona Outback

HD Skids for Nugget Finder Coils

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HD Skids for Nugget Finder


Every detectorist knows that the skid plate is a coil’s first line of defense while out in the goldfields. Whether it’s being scrubbed along the ground or smacked into the side of a rock, the skid plate is the first thing to absorb this abuse. Some folks will take a year to wear one out; others that put in long, hard hours may burn through one in a month. Whether you are a hardcore hunter or the occasional weekend warrior, you may be interested in these new heavy-duty skid plates from Nugget Finder.


The HD Skids are at least double the strength of the standard skid plates and are designed to fit the NF Advantage series. They are slightly thicker and more rigid, but the gains in weight are minimal. We currently have the following sizes in stock and ready to ship.


8” Ellip.(solid) - $20

12” Ellip. (solid) - $24

14 x 7” Ellip. (solid) - $25

14 x 9” Ellip. (open) - $27

16” Round (open) - $32

17” Ellip. (open) - $30


Quantities at the moment are limited. They are not shown on the website yet, but they are available. To order please call 1.928.777.0267, or email: info@arizonaoutback.com. The standard grey colored skids are also in stock. Valid until 8/3/15, buy any three (3) skids of any combination and receive FREE SHIPPING!


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