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Mike Furness

First Day of Fall

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For the first day of Fall here in Prescott Valley I woke up to dense fog ... couldn't see my neighbor's house about 800 feet from mine ... and a much lower 40 degree temperature! In contrast for the last week or so first thing in the morning has been 55-60 degrees! I hope that all means that the 90's are gone and the season has begun! Good luck to all in your search for gold!


And while I am talking the beginning of the season I would like to remind folks that here at AZO we can give your season a tune-up for you and your metal detector with a day of training on one of our gold claims! We have a few openings coming up at our training season opening starting at October 5th. Just call Chris Gholson at the AZO Shop 928-777-0267 to find current available dates. We specialize in Minelab detectors but each of us has personal experience in Fisher, White's and Garrett. Personnally I will do small group training for drywashing using my Keene 151 drywasher ... again just call Chris.


Again ... Good luck to all in the new season!


Mike F

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