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Great Hunt With The CoRe!

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Took the FoRes CoRe for a spin this morning to an old home site. Have been there a couple of times before but this was the best hunt yet as I'm starting to figure the place out. There is a small mine near the home site which is pretty trashy. They must have done some smelting as I have found some slag pours. Mostly chunks of copper here and there. My last outing there I found my second silver slag pour. I melted this down, cleaned it up, and poured it in to a round mold. Weighs a couple of ounces. I included it with today's finds.




Lots of large caliber rim-fire cases today both pistol and rifle plus one not fired. Found a couple of the slugs as well. I really like the Webelos neckerchief slide. The shotgun head stamp says Peters/Victor. Never found one like this before. Fun day! Really liking the CoRe for this kind of work.



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