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Chris Gholson

My EVO Gold & More Info

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Hi Everyone,


So far 2016 has been an exciting year for Nugget Finder Coils. The release of the new their Evolution or “EVO” coils has quite caused quite a buzz in the industry, and rightly so. In the past twenty years I have used just about every aftermarket gold coil known to mankind, and few have excited me this much. Why??? Well, simply put - they work really, really well!


Below is some of the gold I have scored since putting an EVO on the end of my GPX 5000. While none of the nuggets are monsters, keep in mind that most of this has come from patches I have already hunted in the past with traditional coils. I don’t know how else to say it, but it feels like my GPX got a turbo charge! I am finding targets deeper than before and the signal response is crazy. Even tiny nuggets scream like a much bigger target. I am thoroughly impressed with the results and I am not alone. Prospectors across the US and Australia are reporting similar findings…For those that are interested, here is some additional information from the owner of Nugget Finder about why the EVO’s are performing so well.


post-28-0-83698300-1461796988_thumb.jpg post-28-0-82018600-1461796993_thumb.jpg


Evolution Technology: In traditional bundle wound Litz coils, the individual turns of Litz wire are grouped together to form what essentially looks like a rope of wire. The Evolution Coils use the same Litz wire; however the individual turns of wire are laid side by side to form a wide flat strap of wire. This method of winding is called a Flat or Spiral winding. Flat winding reduces the capacitance between the wires and produces a much more efficient coil. It also dramatically increases the surface area of the winding, thereby producing a coil with both improved depth and sensitivity across all target sizes.


This method of flat winding has been used for many years in custom made and privately built coils. It is considerably more difficult to produce this type of winding in large quantities without sacrificing quality. Nugget Finder has developed a unique method of producing a flat winding which ensures that reliability and quality are not sacrificed. Every Evolution Coil winding is individually wound on a former, then clamped under pressure between two layers of high density Divinycell Foam. While clamped, an expanding foam is injected between the layers permanently infusing the winding into the foam. When combined with our unique bonded ABS and Polycarbonate component housing, the result is the highest quality search coil on the market.

  • Improved Depth & Sensitivity over the Advantage Series
  • Improved Stability
  • Water-proof to 1 Meter
  • Resin Encased Spiral Wound Litz Winding
  • Unique Solid Housing – Strong, Rigid & Lightweight
  • New Smooth Surface Skid Plate with tapered edges for longer life & quieter operation
  • Polycarbonate Shaft Mount
  • Gold Plated Plug
  • Compatible with Minelab GPX, GP & SD series gold detectors
  • 3-Year Warranty

AZO currently has 3 versions of the Evolution Coils in stock: 12" round, 15" round, & 17x13" ellip. All are available for purchase on the AZO website. Below are some other finds that have been made recently using the EVO technology!





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Chris, what size coil is the most popular and what settings are you using.

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Hi Lumpy,


All three sizes are selling just about equally well. I have noticed though, that more of the 15" & 17" are going to places like Nevada, Montana and N. Cal. The 12" is moving well in Arizona, New Mexico, Idaho. I guess it really depends upon the terrain in your area. For me the 12" round is my favorite, because most of the places I work are covered in brush and cactus, and are fairly shallow. For spots like this the 12" works like a charm. However, this fall I have several areas on the radar that are deep ground where I have found nuggets over 1-ounce, I can't wait to get in there with the bigger EVOs!


Feel free to call me anytime during the week if you want to talk more. have a great weekend all!

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Thanks Chris, where I am hunting the terrain is mostly wide open. I have my eye on the 17x13, my go to coils have always been the Sadie and 14x9 nuggetfinder. I will let you know when the time comes.

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Hey Lumpy,


I have used many different coils on my GPX detectors. Minelab, Coiltec & Nuggetfinder from a 12' elliptical to a 25" round. All have worked fine.


My everyday, go to coil is now the NF EVO 17"X13".


This coil has made my GPX significantly better in several areas. Better resistance to EMI, much better sensitivity to small nuggets (0.05 grams or less)

and an improvement in detection depth on nuggets of all sizes. It's not a GPZ 7000 (I wish) but my GPX 4500 with this coil is the best detector/coil combo

this poor boy has ever used. :D

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I like the 17 x 13 for more coverage, gives you a better chance at catching the elusive nugget, Sounds like a great coil.


Thanks, Dick for the reply

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