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Last Chance The Prospectors Field Guide To Finding More Gold

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Reese Townes here, wanting to let every one know of my ebook I wrote on gold prospecting. It has a lot of help full tips and info on prospecting, geology in relation to gold. Types of deposits and info to locate them. Filled with lots of photos to help you understand what to look for. Seasoned prospectors will also get a lot out of this book. I don't cover in this book stuff like how to pan. This is info you won't find in any other book. It is for sale on ibook, nook books (Barnes & noble), kobo books, page foundry, 24 symbols. You can pull the book up by my name Reese Townes or by book title Last Chance The Prospectors Field Guide to Finding More Gold. It is $3.99 for the book download. Put it on your phone to have with you while you are prospecting.

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Hey Reese,


Congrats on finishing up the new book. That's a big accomplishment and I'm excited to read it! I'm with chrisski, any chance of a cover shot?

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