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Chris Gholson

Chocolate covered gold!

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Hi All,


Here is a testimonial and some photos that came to us from Australia earlier this week. This prospector has been swinging the Nugget Finder 12” Evolution coil and picking up some interesting nuggets. Congratulations to the lucky finder – thank you for sharing! :)


“As we talked about a few weeks back, the 67g was located at a total depth of about 2’ after removing a large rock of about 4-5” before the dig.


The other targets were around 18.5 and 28.5g respectively, all coated with a fine skin of hematite/magnetite. These were also found at an impressive depth. I have been using a standard GPX 5000. An excellent coil with a sharp clear target sound and very strong peripheral field…”




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That second picture has got to be the best looking dig hole I've ever seen!! Jesus. Mine always look like a coyote on crack tried to dig up a gopher.


Sweet gold, though. Thanks for sharing.


He probably knew he was on to something good and dug the last few inches out by hand. That's what I do to keep from whacking anything with the pick.

They sure got funky looking gold out there in Australia sometimes but that's a really nice score.

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