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Chris Gholson

Great day to be in the hills..

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Dean and I got in a few hours detecting over the weekend. We covered a lot of country including one area with some of the noisiest ground I’ve encountered in Arizona. One hillside in particular was cut in half by a large ironstone dike. The ground looked fantastic, but it was a nightmare to detect! Sometimes though, the worse the ground, the better the gold can be. We didn’t strike any new patches, but we each walked away with gold in our pocket. My nugget weighed in at 1.8g, his I think went about .5g. It was a beautiful day to be in the backcountry, so the nugget was a nice added bonus.


Here are a few photos, including one of a brilliantly colored yellow crab spider who decided to start spinning a web on the side mirror of the Jeep! :P




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Fun day, Chris!

We did cover some ground! The iron stone was crazy to swing over. Thankfully, there were a couple of small nugs hiding down in the gulches :).

Beautiful day. The season is upon us!!






Tons of pears this year.





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