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And one Gold Railroad Spike,.... OR Vampire Stake

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Went out to a spot on Lynx Creek today, and walked away with these two (kind-a-cool) nuggets. The one still has very small quartz-like sand gravel (mixed with magnetite) mixed in and lodged within the gold, and the other is shaped just like a railroad spike. Their combined weight is 1.52 Grams. They where both lodged deep down in the mud and clay, and where so encased in dark mud that there was no visible sign of gold at all when I finally was able to scrape them out of their hiding places. I had to swash them around in my mouth and spit the mud out about 4-5 times just to loosen the clay/mud,....And "yes" I am one of those who have to taste the gold once I find it. Nothing like that solid-weigh-taste of gold to get you excited with each find. default_happy0045%5B1%5D.gif I had almost given up on this spot ( actually, I have given up on it about 3-4 times over the years, but after returning and approaching it a little differently each time it has surprised me (positively) each time). default_angry-smiley-032%5B1%5D.gif This time I decided to sit right in the middle of the wash (up stream a bit) and observe what was happening with the exposed (scoured) bedrock and the flow of the wash. The bedrock was angled downward toward the left side of the wash, and was butted-up against a hard mud/clay bank that was just loaded with "many" medium to large boulders. I, being the "curious-type" <_< wondered just how far within that bank that bedrock extended??? So, I proceeded to take my trusty pick and aggressively up-root, dislodge, and remove the "many" medium to large rocks and boulders to see just how far that bedrock was hiding in that bank. :ph34r: I was into the bank about 18" and noticed that the bedrock was dropping, sort of like the side of a dome. And butted-up against this side wall of bedrock where many varying sizes of boulders and rocks all sort of glued together with a hard pack combination of mud and clay. It was like a jug saw puzzle of boulders and rocks with very few open spaces between :blink: (mud and clay filled them). I got to a point to where I couldn't pick and dislodge any more boulders (too packed in), and by then I was about worn out anyway, so it was time to see what the elusive bedrock had been hiding from me. I had found many nice nuggets in the past in this spot (patch) and had never found any trash targets in it, so I knew for certain that if I got a good signal, it would be another nice nugget for sure. I found the one right away, but got no more good signals (other than a strange signal from a very large hot rock :angry: ), so I moved upstream, and then down to work my magic on them as wall. No success there. It was getting hot, I was almost out of my protein drink, and about to pack it in and head home when I thought I'd go back and investigate that strange hot rock signal one more time. I knew that I couldn't remove those well-mudded-in boulders, so I took my angled screwdriver and pulled as much of the mud/clay out from between two boulders and the bedrock edge as I could piling it up where I could swing my detector over it. Once again I got a real strong signal from a completely-encased mud-object. That's when I found the gold railroad spike. So, for those of you who may not be familiar with this method, or don't particularly like expending that much energy prospecting, it may be of value to stop, and Observe how the bedrock is tending (direction-wise); take the time and energy to follow it, and double-check the target-signal that may have been questionable initially. Gary B)








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WTG Gary ... Hard work really does pay off!

Mike F

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