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Chris Gholson

In between the rain: First 15" EVO Gold!

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I really enjoy getting customer feedback; especially when photos of freshly dug gold are included! This one came in yesterday from a customer in the western US that purchased a new Nugget Finder 15” Evolution Coil for his Minelab. Looking at the photos, I’d say he is off to a great start. I can’t wait to see what else he turns up this spring…Thank you again for taking the time to write me and include the pics. Congratulations again – keep it up! :)


“Hi Chris, I just wanted to share with you my first nugget with the new 15” Evolution. Been stuck inside for a very long winter. Seems like every day off I get, the weather turns to crud. My buddy and I finally made it out today in between rain storms. We took the detectors and a bunch of buckets so we could bring dirt home to run. I fired up the detector and he grabbed a gold pan. About an hour into it, I banged this sweet nugget down below a nail. The nail was down about 8 inches and the nugget was probably 4 inches under it in the same hole. I'm glad I rechecked my hole. It is 3.2 grams and is really chunky. I enjoy that new evolution coil. Thanks again!”



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WTG ... Those EVO coils are killing it out there!


Mike F

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