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Chris Gholson

AZO open - Back from the jungle!

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Hi Everyone,


I wanted to let everyone know we are back in the USA and the AZO office is open for business once again. My family and I spent a wonderful two weeks exploring just about every corner of Costa Rica. This was my second visit, but a first for my eight year old daughter Maddie, who absolutely loved the jungle and all the wildlife. It is a beautiful pristine country with lots of activities for the adventurous. Some of the highlight destinations for myself were the river canoeing at Tortugeuro, the beautiful mountains and active Arenal volcano around Monteverde, and Manual Antonio park near Quepos. I didn’t have the chance to do as much prospecting as I would have liked, but I did get to see up close some stunning gold nuggets and Pre-Columbian gold artifacts at the museum in San Jose. Their display is by far one of the best I have ever seen.


I am really glad we were able to dodge that awful heat wave that rolled through the southwest a week or so back. It’s still warm out there in the desert, but it sure feels good to be home. I hope all of you are surviving the summer season…Here are a few photos from the trip I thought you might enjoy seeing.












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Wow, great photos Chris. It sure sounds like a neat vacation.


Was it a package type trip? Would you recommend it for most folks. Any other information you'd like to share would be appreciated.




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Hey there Chris, glad you and the family are home safe. Looks like Costa Rica was really a lot of fun. Thank you for the pictures.

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