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Reno Chris

Two more free Youtube Videos on the Gold Monster

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Well, part two and part three of my videos on the Gold Monster 1000 are now complete and up loaded for viewing - it takes time to get this stuff done. In part 2, I do a field demonstration of the GM 1000 in types of ground, and in Part 3 I am giving some hints and tips on how to get the best performance out of the GM1000, but a lot of that info applies to many VLFs, not just the GM1000. I also focus on the types of places that the GM1000 will perform best and make some suggestions to prospectors on how you can increase your chances to find gold.

Doing these videos has been an educational experience and I will be doing more in the coming weeks on a variety of prospecting topics, not just metal detecting. Here is part 3, part two is below 3.

Part 3:


Part Two:

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Nice Job Chris ... Great info for both old and new electronic prospectors and not just for the GM1000 ... !

Mike F

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