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Rained Out AT-Gold Relic Hunt

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I chose the AT-gold for a hunt today because it looked like the monsoons would make an appearance. A good thing I did! About an hour and a half in to the hunt the sky opened up and it poured buckets. The water proof machine was no worse for the wear but I got soaked to the bone. I was up in the high country so it got a bit chilly too (the rain was cold). Funny being cold in the month of July in AZ.


Pulled a few non-ferrous targets from the iron infested ground prior to the deluge though...


post-36139-0-19202700-1500779375_thumb.jpg post-36139-0-07220900-1500779401_thumb.jpgpost-36139-0-84874600-1500779420_thumb.jpg


Two piece button with a floral pattern cut in to it, saddle rivet, copper pieces, and the find of the day...a 1902 "V" Nickel.


Initially, I wanted to go nugget shooting with the GPX but I could see thunder clouds starting to build so that was a no go. Opted, instead, for a relic hunt. I'm glad I did. The old coins don't come easy in AZ.



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Cool finds Dean :rolleyes:

Yah, that would have been a mess out there with the GPX and EMI :blink:

Old coins are hard to get here. Just dont have the long history like back east, and all the miners were broke.


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