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The Gold Monster 1000 is definitely a game changer.

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This past weekend was either the second or third trip to a spot I know about, the place I found six tiny pieces with the Monster on the first weekend. This trip yielded six more little pieces on Saturday and four more on Sunday. Ten in a day and a half isn't bad by any means. All these tiny pieces were below bedrock. Some were a good three inches below the surface of the bedrock. One was under a 2 1/2" slab of bedrock and one, the largest piece was completely encased in a large chunk of bedrock that I broke loose. The bedrock material is Pritchard, which is a mud stone. All pieces we're on average 4"-6" deep. The signals were loud, not faint at all. This is all I am saying for now as I need to save info for December's issue in the ICMJ Mining Journal.




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There have been other detectors over it. Gold bug 2 I know for sure. He wasn't getting any hits at all with what gold is left there.

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