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Dean and I were able to squeeze in about two hours worth of detecting yesterday. We headed back to an old patch here in AZ and really worked it slow using the new Nugget Finder EVO coils. We found a total of 12 nuggets for 4-grams. I was really impressed when I dug up a tiny 0.1-gram “nugglet” at almost 3” with the 15” coil! No monster trophy pieces, but the weather was perfect and it’s always a blast picking up a handful of tiny bits. Here are a few pics of our finds. Thanks again Dean, as always a fun day! :)




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It was a beautiful day swinging for gold in Central AZ. This is my favorite time of the year for being out of doors in AZ.

I'm so impressed with the Evo coils!! I was swinging my favorite...the 14x9"... and found the smallest nuglet that I have ever found with a GPX...a whopping .06 grams! Impressive for such a largish coil. The season is upon us and it's gonna be a good one!


Thanks Chris!



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