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Chris Gholson

Fun day in the field & her first nugget!

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I hooked up with some really great folks this weekend to train them on their new metal detectors that they purchased from AZO. Ben drove over from western AZ to pick up his new GPX-4500, and Cole & his wife Keri drove up from Phoenix to grab their units and spend some time swinging in the field. Aside from the dry and VERY dusty roads, he weather cooperated perfectly for us. I spent some time going over the operation of the units and discussing the local geology, then turned them loose.


Keri was swinging her new Gold Bug Pro over an exposed chunk of bedrock that was covered in small ironstones. These hot rocks were annoying but she quickly learned about the “double-boing” and how to handle them. It was long before she hit a mellow signal in one of the cracks. She worked on the hole for about five minutes, and then I heard an “Oh my god – its gold!” It wasn’t a huge nugget, but this was her first nugget ever found with a detector! :lol: She did the victory dance and we helped her celebrate. We all left smiling even though we guys only came up with a handful of old-timer junk!


Thank you again everyone for the business and for a wonderful day out in the goldfields. I wish you all much success, and I look forward to seeing you all again soon!








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I must say that I have very good time out in the field! Picked up a couple of new tips and tricks and some helpful insight on what to LQQK for when out trying to find a good spot to detect. I was able to pick up some very small targets that was not gold, that Chris was surprised how very small the target actually turned out and the sensitivity of the coil! I was using my new EVO 14x9 coil with just normal settings and the coil sensitivity was outstanding. And it sure was fun to watch Keri's hand shake with excitement when she found that piece of gold for the first time!

Thanks again for the good time Chris and Arizona Outback are best in the west!

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Ben, I'm so glad we were able to connect. That tiny little BB of lead that you dug up with the 14" EVO was amazing! I expected it would sound off nicely on the Gold Bug, but to have it come through so clearly on the GPX with the EVO was definitely impressive. Thank you again for making the drive over to see me, please keep us posted on any new discoveries!

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