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I got out for a few hours this past weekend. I tried an area that absolutely just smelled of gold. All the geological indicators where there and everywhere I looked I could envision new patches just waiting to be found. Everything was perfect, the only problem…no gold! There were plenty of targets, but I couldn’t buy a nugget to save my life. Alas this is what prospecting is about. I have tried so many different areas over the years like this and in most cases came up empty handed. It can be frustrating, but I’m a firm believer if you work hard and hunt enough of them, eventually one will turn out to be a jackpot.


I did however find this wonderful old bullet that appears to date from the mid to late 1800’s. Maybe a 45-70? Any ideas? A little further down the wash I dug up this really old axe head at about a foot. I also found this modern broadhead arrow sticking out of a dirt bank; I’m guessing the deer got away :) No gold, but older relics like this are always preferred to modern day junk. I hope all of you are doing well and enjoying the beautiful weather – happy hunting!






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No gold, but still great finds.


With that kind of stuff left to be found, at least you know the area wasn't 'hunted out'.


That axe head would have been the 'jackpot' you were looking for... B)


Better luck next time. :)



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Chris ... Treasure Hunting I see ... Looks like it was fun even without the gold. Finding that kind of treasure says no one with a detector has been in the area ... must be a mountain man's homestead area! Trapper or hunter ... perhaps an old buffalo hunter was there given that old bullet. Just a few fleeting thoughts based on the finds.

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