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I was out at one of my locations on Lynx Creek both Friday, and Saturday and managed to score these five-nuggets. This location had this massive bedrock outcropping right in the middle of the wash, which "angled" downward about 4-feet into a sandy-overburden open area (pond of sorts). I had found 3-4 small nuggets (sitting ducks) at this location a couple of years ago, but hadn't been back since then. After standing down stream for a few minutes (trying to "read-the-wash") I decided to dig down (down stream) right below the bedrock that became hidden beneath the sand. After digging down about 3-feet (following the bedrock down) I discovered that the bedrock had been worn away into a 3" x 4" cavity and then shot upward in an angle about 2 1/2 feet,.. kind of like a huge "V". Initially, I was kind of skeptical about even messing with this spot as the bedrock was composed of smooth, ( very smooth) very-worn bedrock, which most of us know usually doesn't hold (or trap) the gold. After clearing the "V'd area out I swung my coil over the cavity and got a very strong signal. The speci-nugget is the one that I found there, which weighed in at 1.01 grams.

I had also observed that the upstream part of the wash that approached the bedrock outcropping was somewhat of a level area. It had stopped 4"-size rocks and most likely caused the flowing water (when it had been flowing in the past) to slow down, which indicated to me that nuggets would be blocked and drop there. After clearing out the rocks and overburden that had accumulated there,... sure enough I picked up three signals, which are the three smaller nuggets pictured. The above 4-nuggets I found on Friday.

Then on Saturday I went back and continued clearing rocks and overburden away heading upstream. The area was still kind of level. When I skimmed off a spot I noticed a greyish-greenish clay material as a bedrock. I swung my coil over the area and got a very strong signal over this material. The nugget was down about 4" in this material and weighed in at 1.03 grams (the second of the two larger ones). All total the five nuggets weighed in at 2.36 grams,...


I went out to the same location today and started working upstream from what I had found on Friday and Saturday, and managed to get two more nuggets (one's a bit small) (the second photo) for a total weight of 1.45 Grams........




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Get em' while you can, Gary.... ;)

Once I'm able to 'retire', you'd better believe I'm going to be out there digging up everything you didn't. :D


Congrats on some well deserved finds. :)



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