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Chris Gholson

Ounces & ounces of gold - more customer finds!

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Hi everyone,


Some friends and customers of mine that purchased the Minelab GPZ 7000’s sent over these photos showing off some incredible gold they have recently come across. The monster of the group has been nicknamed the “King Nugget” and weighs just shy of 5-ounces! :lol: I’m not sure about the weights of the other pieces, but check out those gorgeous specimens. The ribbons of gold shine on that brilliant white quartz! These are some amazing finds and I really appreciate them letting me share them here on the forum. I am sworn to secrecy right now, so I can only say they were found in the far western US. I am fully confident there will be more nuggets in their future and hopefully I’ll be able to post those as well. Congratulations guys – keep up the good work!




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Paid for the gas and a bottle of beer that day! Nice job! Whatta chunk!

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