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I received my Equinox from Chris yesterday (Thanks, Chris!), put it together and charged it and the wireless head phones up to full. I used a six port USB quick charger and was able to charge everything at the same time. The charger cost something like $20 at Walmart. I was able to get out to an old camp ground that I've hit with a few different machines. I pulled a Merc dime from there last week with my E-Trac. The camp ground is horribly trashy with melted aluminum chunks, pull tabs and old steel crown caps being the biggest offenders and literally everywhere. The only way to hunt this place with the E-Trac (or any other machine) is slowly with a small coil. So, I figured it would be a good place to take the equinox for it's maiden run.


I used the stock 11" coil, hunted in Park 2, Multi freq, 50 tones, Iron bias set to 2, reactivity set to 4, barely audible threshold and started swinging. I pretty much ignored any target that came in under 20 TID except 13 which is nickels. I knew that I was going to miss gold jewelry but with so much aluminum trash to deal with there wasn't much of a choice.


The first thing I noticed about this machine is how FAST it is! It is a relic/coin hunters dream come true! It can separate like no other machine I've ever used. The camp ground came alive with higher conductors that the other machines just couldn't "see" due to masking from the heavy trash. I hunted for about 2.5 hours. My familiarity with the E-trac and multi tones made it an easy transition to the Equinox and 50 tones selection. The 50 tones of the Equinox is much less "busy" sounding than full multi tones of the E-trac and will be easy to learn for somebody not familiar with multi-tone modes. Anyway, here is a pic of my finds from today's hunt. Unfortunately, the spoon is silver- plated over copper.



I am amazed that all these higher conductors came from this super trashy ground that has been hit pretty hard by various machines.

I hope to get out again soon with the Equinox and will post my findings here, in this thread, just to keep it all in one place. HH.



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Hey Dean, thanks for the early field report! I'm impressed with what you turned up in such a short time, on that ground that has already been gone over a few times before. It must be fast to sniff out those coins in that high trash saturated ground. I love my CTX 3030, but the speed of the EQX sounds like just the ticket for those spots that are covered in old square nails and other iron garbage. Very exciting...As soon as the weather turns good again, I think we will need to hit a few more of those junked-out mining camps.

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I took the Equinox to an Indian Wars era Calvary Camp that has been hunted very hard by multiple machines and operators. I haven't been back there for a while because finds were becoming very scarce. I also went back to the old CCC camp ground in the afternoon.

I hunted again in Park 2. Same settings as my last hunt.


post-36139-0-49127300-1519960209_thumb.jpg post-36139-0-80776600-1519960256_thumb.jpg


The three ringers and shell casings came from the Calvary Camp and everything else from the CCC camp.

The .56 Spencer case shouldn't have been there. We have hunted this particular patch of ground until the last few hunts have produced nothing. The Equinox hit it solidly. I know for certain other coils have been over it. It came in at a steady 24-25. The two three ringers that are in good shape came out of an area of heavy iron infestation and stood out from the trash nicely. The deformed three ringer appears to have been purposely re-shaped so that it is square on the bottom so that it could be stood up. Then it was shot. The other case of interest is a .25-.35. Obviously, it was produced well after the Indian Wars but not seen too much anymore.


The Equinox is a coin magnet! I stopped digging zinc pennies. They come in at a steady 20-21. Copper pennies come in like a dime at 24-25...so it's easy to tell the difference. 50 tones hits the high conductors with a pleasing high "silver warble" like the E-Trac and CTX.


I hope to report again soon. HH.




P.S.- The big three ringers come in at 17-18-19. The .56 Spencer and the .50-.70 shells came in like a copper penny... 24-25.

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