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Got to take out the Equinox today.

I am impressed with this new machine.


Have a couple areas littered with tin trash and nails, the Equinox handled the trash well and I was able to know what each piece of trash was.

Has a fast learning curve and is very simple.


What’s also really nice is you can select 20 MHz, 40 MHz or multi frequency when in the gold search mode and discriminate.

It also handles the red hot clay soil that typically gives VLFs a lot of problems.

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Minelab has hit a home run with the Equinox. I have the 600, here in New York, where I do my gold prospecting on the beaches of Long Island, and New York City. The Equinox has proved itself already on beaches and in parks, and I have already found enough silver and gold to darn near pay for it! I have retired my Tesoro Vaquero; Tejon; Sand Shark and Tiger Shark. Don't need them anymore. Love the Equinox!



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