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Chris Gholson

A nice surprise with the GPZ 7000

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A friend of mine that bought a GPZ 7000 sent me this photo of some amazing quartz & gold specimens he found not too long ago. I guess he and a few others, had wandered across this spot but left it alone because of all the “trash” targets. I guess the signals basically screamed on the detector, so the area was avoided. He decided to finally dig up one of them and lo and behold they weren’t trash at all! :)


Congratulations to this prospector on his surprise discovery. I really appreciate you sharing with all of us – keep up the good work!


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Wow... Very Beautiful !!!! And it makes you think.

How many times we have all walked over targets like this? Probably many times!!!! I know after a long day of hiking through poison-oak digging shotgun shells and lead shot.. you are pretty beatup and tired and as a result... you get more selective on what you dig and what you walk away from. Trash sounds just like Trash !!!! & Large gold sound just like Trash close to the surface aswell.... Yes in deed ~ these trashy areas are truly protected by all the junk on top... The Message here is "AGAIN"= Always Go Slow...... And Dig Everything!!! And the is a perfect example of why!!!!



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