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A customer of mine over in California just sent me these photos of an incredible discovery he just made using the new Minelab Equinox 800. According to him, he was working a heavy trashed site. He said the place was covered with iron, tin, and just about everything else imaginable. Despite the junk, the machine locked onto a nice high tone and when he dug down, out comes this beautiful black powder flask from the early 1800’s! :lol: What’s even more amazing is that this was only the second time he had ever swung the detector!

This great find Alan; I really thank you for sharing it. Hopefully there are still more treasures waiting for you beneath that junk, keep up the good work my friend!...The first photo shows it right out of the ground, and the second is after a cleaning and being straightened out.



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Very happy with the Equinox Chris.

i only detected the site for about 15 min,  I was frustrated with all the sounds because of all the trash, this was a cabin site, the machine was going nuts with tones all over the place like an accordion, But as I walked along the Equinox screamed a smooth, clear, high tone with like a 35 number. So I dug and out came this! The flask dates to 1812!!

The Equinox is very easy to operate. I had an Explorer before the Equinox and I would forget how to use it if I didn’t operate it for a few months, plus it had a steep learning curve. 

I now trust what  the Equinox is telling me.

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