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Relics with the CTX and Nox

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With the last of the cool weather, Chris and I managed to get out for a fun relic hunt. He was armed with his CTX and me with the Equinox 800. This 1800s ghost town is way up in the hills but worth the trip as the scenery is absolutely gorgeous. It was our first detecting trip to this out- of- the- way place (ATV required) and we did manage a few goodies. Nothing valuable or earth shattering,  but now that we have a feel for the place, I believe we will do even better on future trips. We also spied some pretty promising looking nugget country that deserves a closer look with the GPX's in hand come next fall/winter.



Getting there.


My highlight finds were a General Service Eagle button, a cameo broach (the center crumbled), metallic 10 gauge shell, fired three ringer, .44 rim fire case. Chris found a cool silver plated spoon with the initials of a steam ship company engraved on it and a bunch of various buckles. 

Thanks for a fun hunt, Chris!



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Hey Dean,

It's always a blast getting out in the hills with you. The spoon I found was stamped PMSS Co., which appears to stand for the Pacific Mail SteamShip Company. It was founded in 1848 and operated some of the earliest steamships in California. I'm guessing this person may have been a passenger and decided to keep a souvenir. I don't know if there's any value, but it's a neat piece for the display case.

Looking forward to getting out there with you again soon!

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