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Chris Gholson

EQUINOX Software Upgrade!

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Hi Everyone,

Minelab has just released a new software upgrade for the Equinox Series. See details below – thank you Minelab!

EQUINOX Software Upgrade

Who said you could not improve on perfection... After the launch of EQUINOX, Minelab engineers have been working to make the most popular detector even better. Upgrade your EQUINOX today.

What is new?

We know how passionate you are about finding what is hidden below the surface. At Minelab, it is with our ‘never leave well enough alone’ mentality and ingenuity that we have worked tirelessly to make perfection just that much better. Using the Minelab Update Utility, experience Improved Silver Target Indication, Advanced Depth Gauge Indications and more.

Silver Target Indication

  • IDs for silver coins on edge have been improved

Depth Gauge Indications

  • The depth gauge is more accurate and stable at all depths

General Updates

  • General improvements to the user

Where to download?

The Minelab Upgrade Utility is available for download and is applicable for the EQUINOX 600 and 800 detectors. Download times may vary depending on internet speed and site traffic. 


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Very easy to download and put into the Equinox. Much better response on deeper targets, and the depth gauge actually works now!

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I took my Nox for a spin the other day after performing the update (super simple to do BTW). What I noticed, post update, is that the machine is more stable (less chatter) to EMI. VDI #s are more stable. The place I hunted is right across the street from a large cell tower. The first time Chris and I hunted there I had to turn the sensitivity down to 15 to keep the machine stable enough to hunt with. Interestingly, Chris' CTX was unaffected by the cell tower. Post update, I was able to hunt with the sensitivity at 19 and probably could have gone higher but I prefer a very stable machine. I got in to my first ever jewelry spill and a Wheatie/Indian Head pocket spill as well.


I recovered three matching sets of ear rings, two singles, and a copper finger ring. The ear rings have the old screw clamp-on style backs. I'm sure the mates to the singles are there and I will have to go back and locate them. The IHP is a 1906 and two of the Wheaties are 1909-S. Unfortunately, neither of the early Wheaties is the desired "VDB" series. Nothing of real value but a good test of the Nox with the update. IMO, the update is for the better and, if one chooses, the machine can be restored back to it's original version. HH.



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Dean, thanks for sharing your finds and thoughts on the new upgrade. I've had lots of calls from EQX owners wondering if they should do the upgrade or not. I think it's a good move, and like you mentioned, it can always be restored to original..I love all the old ear rings. Makes you wonder if they were just dropped or maybe in a purse or leather pouch that has long since rotted away. Going off the photo, the emerald looks real - very cool! 

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