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Chris Gholson

Nokta IMPACT Pro - 1 left!

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I am selling this brand new Nokta IMPACT Pro Metal Detector. This unit has never been used and is still packaged in its original carton. I only have 1 available, so first-come-first-serve. This detector currently sells for $799.00; I am offering it here for only $595 with FREE SHIPPING (lower 48 states only). Please contact Chris @ 1.928.777.0267, or: info@arizonaoutback.com. 

It includes: Waterproof DD 11x7'' Search Coil, Waterproof 7.5x4'' DD Search Coil, Headphones, Carrying Bag, Protective Covers, Stand, Extra Lower Shaft, AC & Car Charger, 4 x AA Rechargeable Batteries and USB Cable. With its 3 operating frequencies, online firmware update capability and robust design, IMPACT combines many different detectors in one, enabling you to live a unique yet easy-to-use detector experience. Thanks to its modes designed for different targets such as coins, relics and caches as well as different terrains including wet beach sand and parks, you can just turn on the IMPACT and start searching without any further adjustment if you wish.

Bringing together all the features users need, in addition to its depth and advanced discrimination ability, the IMPACT - just like its name - will make a great impact on your future hunts.  

Warranty: 2 Year Limited

Operating Frequencies: 5kHz - 14kHz - 20kHz

Weight: 4 lbs (1.8 kgs) Including Search Coil and Batteries

Ground Balance with 3 Options: Automatic, Manual, Tracking

Iron Audio (Fe Vol): Turns Off or Adjusts the Volume of the Low Iron Tone

Audio Tone: Changes the Frequency of Target and Threshold Tones (150Hz - 700Hz)

Tone Break: Adjusts the Break Points of the Target Response Tones on the Target ID Range

Extra Features at the Push of a Button: Audio Boost, ID Normalization, Target ID Depth Level

Notch Filter: Discriminates Single or Multiple Target IDs of Unwanted Metals by Silencing Them or Giving an Iron Tone

Included Accessories:

Waterproof 11x7'' DD Search Coil

Waterproof 7.5x4'' DD Search Coil


USB Cable


Carrying Bag

AC & Car Charger

Protective Covers

Extra Lower Shaft

4 x AA Rechargeable Batteries




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Mike C

I too wish I had enough money to buy it . I’ve check my wife over to make sure she’s not holding back on me . My trouble is when I want something bad I have no pride.

This is truly the best bargain I came across in a long time.

 I’m not so sure getting a son in law is worth passing up a deal like this . I may have to talk with my Daughter to put her wedding off a while so I can buy this detector.

The Best Mike


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