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My father Steve and I got out for some detecting this past weekend. We spent two days exploring a fairly remote area in Arizona looking for new winter prospects. We didn’t come across any nugget laden gullies, but we did find the remains of what must have been a camp or small village. Perched on the edge of a hillside were several very old rock foundations. The walls of the structures were all hand stacked, so I imagine they had to have been built around the 1880’s. It was an incredibly cool place that I’m not sure many people have seen, simply because it was mostly intact. I was happy to see that no one had kicked down the walls, shot it up, or covered it in graffiti. We broke out the Minelab CTX 3030’s and spent about three hours poking around. The old-timers had absolutely covered the area in ferrous garbage which made detecting tough. Despite this we still came up with a few neat finds. There is still more detecting to be done there, but I think when I go back I will run the smaller 6” coil…Here are a few photos from the trip.




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