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Chris Gholson

Great day in the goldfields!

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I met up with some customers this morning and spent the day out chasing gold in the Arizona desert. Terry who is from Washington, but spends his winters down south, purchased a Minelab Gold Monster and GPX from me. Billy from Utah also purchased a GPX-4500 and drove down to meet up with me for some training in the field. The three of us had a great time and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. After we spent an hour or two going over the finer details and operation of the machines, we spread out and started working a bench along the creek.

The soil was full of black sand and an assortment of hot rocks. This was a difficult spot to work with the VLF’s in years past, but the newer pulse technology cut through the noise with ease. Even the Monster handled the soil nicely once the Sensitivity was adjusted. We recovered all sorts of targets; mostly bits of lead and bullet casings. We did our part to clean up the trash and were rewarded at the end of the day with a couple of treasures. I dug one nugget weighing less than half a gram, but Billy definitely made the best find of the day. I was shocked when he dumped an antique silver earring with an emerald into my hand! How it got up there on that remote bench is anyone’s guess, but what a cool find…It was a great day to be out detecting, and I want to thank the guys again not only for the business, but for all the stories and laughs we had. Best of luck with the rest of your trips!






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Great job Chris. Keeping the customers happy, as usual. And congratulations to your customers. 

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