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Jennifer Bond

Awesome shopping experience with Proline Mining

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I just wanted to give a very positive recommendation to Proline Mining for a recent purchase. After years of running under powered pumps on my Heckler Fabrication wash plant, I finally bit the bullet and ordered a HP500 500GPM and Honda 9HP combo from Proline. My wash plant uses modified Clarkson riffles and uses a LOT of water, as you can see in the picture below, previously I actually had 3, 1.5" pumps feeding it into a manifold under the hopper.

I called, spoke with Jeff, he spent a LOT of time on the phone chatting, very friendly, wanted my business made sure I was happy with the decision and made some suggestions about the mounting options (on a rack vs regular dredge rack so it was more stable) etc and it was ordered. It was VERY well packed, shipped very quickly and arrived in great shape... what a beautiful combo!!!! Thank you Jeff.... very much appreciate the time and product.



IMG_4329 (1).jpg

IMG_4333 (1).jpg

IMG_4331 (1).jpg

IMG_4332 (1).jpg

IMG_4334 (1).jpg

IMG_4330 (1).jpg


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