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I like to hunt old town sites. On page 61 of the Arizona Atlas & Gazetteer map I saw the name “Barkerville (Site)” which looked interesting. I checked it out on Google Earth and noticed an anomaly. About ¾ of a mile north of the site there was a blurred out area. It was intentionally hidden from view. I had to find out more. When I got there barbed wire fencing prevented access to the Barkerville site and No Trespassing signs kept me from going up the road to the blurred out area. I don't own a drone but I may have to buy one to investigate what they are keeping from view on Google Earth. Your thoughts?


Barkerville AZ 3.jpg

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You can get on the country recorder site and the assessor site, look up the parcel number, and an address for who pays taxes is listed.  If contacted, the owner may grant you access.

I really don't think an affordable drone has a distance of 3/4 mile.  Also, I agree with the cattle watering hole complete with  the little channel dug to fill it.  I think the coloring can be how deep the water is.  I've seen plastic lined ponds in the northeast of Arizona, so perhaps that is why the water is stagnant green.

Would be a fun mystery to solve.

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