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Ol Yeller dry washer parts

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I have searched "surplus center" and other outlets and cannot find the motor with bracket.
I have found just the motors but without bracket.
I searched ebay also but did not find any.
They were not windshield wiper motors as most people thought.
I will suggest an  avenue of repair, which would be to make a new one out of suitable thickness metal.
It should not be difficult to reproduce.
Also, isn't it possible to remove and weld the fatigued stamped steel  piece ?

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Thanks Frank. I have a good friend who has welded it twice for me. Hopefully it will last. I will never trade this ol yeller I have. It has brought me a lot of gold. You made a great machine and as long as I am able this ol yeller is going to find me a lot more gold. Heavy pans Frank C

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