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Chris Gholson

Deal of the Week! New Detector @ Used Price!

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I am selling this brand new Nokta FORS CoRe PRO Package metal detector. This unit has never been out of the box, and is the perfect detector for finding old coins, relics, and jewelry. This is the last one I have, so first-come-first-serve. Here is some information about the unit. Please call Chris at 1.928.777.0267, or email: info@arizonaoutback.com.

MAP Price: $850.00
Forum Price: $649 + FREE Shipping!
(Free shipping applies to lower 48 US States only. A fee will apply for delivery to AK & HI)

Nokta | Makro FORS CoRe Pro Pack Metal Detector with 5.2x4.7" Coil, 11.2x7" Coil, 15.5x13.3" Coil, Headphones, Rechargeable Battery System, Carrying Bag, Treasure Pouch, Weather Resistant Cover, Embroidered Cap.

Nokta | Makro FORS CoRe (Coins and Relics) metal detector, new for 2015 will change the way people detect for treasures. Experienced “pros” who tested the CoRe, said it is one of the best metal detectors for finding silver coins, gold coins and jewelry, plus hidden and lost relics. Use Nokta’s CoRe anywhere on land, mountains, forests or deserts. Take it to the beach, in shallow salt and fresh water, wherever you take this metal detector it will become a good place to metal detect.

The Coins and Relic Pro metal detector is the same as the standard model with important changes, electronics are more focused to lock on to silver, gold and clad coins and jewelry at greater depths than average detectors. Lost and buried relics including valuable coin caches are now within the reach of this metal detector due to the addition of a large 15" deeper penetrating searchcoil and a very sensitive 5 inch search coil for small coins and gold jewelry. It’s not a complicated detection device. If you can tune your car radio to find the station you want, you can tune your CoRe metal detector. Have a fun adventure for you, your family and even some of your friends to search for treasures. The Nokta FORS CoRe metal detector is backed with a strong 2 year limited warranty by the manufacturer.

  • Warranty : 2 Year Limited
  • Total Weight : 3.9 lbs (1.8 kgs)
  • Frequency : 15 kHz (+/- 100 Hz bandwidth)
  • ID Masking : Enables you to Search by Ignoring Unwanted Targets
  • Ground Tracking : Tracks the Changes in Ground and Automatically Adjusts the Ground Balance to Suit
  • Vibration Mode : Designed with the Hearing Impaired in Mind, also Ideal for Users who Do Not Want to Use Headphones
  • Digital Target ID : When Detecting a Target, it Displays on the Screen and Gives you an Idea about what the Target May Be
  • COG Mode : Designed for conductive ground (wet beach sand, alkali sand etc.)

Factory Included Accessories:
Carrying Bag
Treasure Pouch
Embroidered Cap
5.2x4.7" Search Coil
15.5x13.3" Search Coil
Weather Resistant Cover
Rechargeable Battery System
11.2x7" Waterproof DD Search Coil



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