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Chris Gholson

Over 300-Ounces: 25" X-Search!!!

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Check out these photos that the guys at Nugget Finder sent over to me! This massive discovery was made with the new 25” DD X-Search coil coupled with the Minelab GPX 5000. This rich pocket was found in Western Australia and from what I am told it was deep. A total of 16 kilograms was found, and after being crushed and melted, the prospector ended up with 9.5 kg or a whopping 335 ounces!!! :D That is one hole I doubt he will ever forget digging!

I hope to have a limited stock of these new coils this fall 2019. I will have pricing posted this week.



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I just wish we had the same clearings here big enough for large coils like that. I've owned several of the 20" plus NF coils and just never was lucky enough to be on ground open enough to swing one... but it sure would be great for a dozer push I'm working on this Summer... hmmmmmmmm

Let us know when you have pricing... thanks Chris.


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