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Chris Gholson

Meteorite falls somewhere in the “backyard”!

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I’m not sure if you guys caught this story yet, but on Sunday morning residents living in central Arizona (myself included) were awakened by a loud boom. This was actually a sonic boom caused by a falling meteorite. At this point, no one knows exactly where it landed, but there are quite a few folks out there swinging their metal detectors trying to find it. Hopefully as more witnesses come forward it will help in determining where it may have hit. I will definitely keep you all posted if I hear anything more. 

PRESCOTT, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- A blasting sound and odd sight in the sky startled some people in Northern Arizona and the Valley Sunday morning. Planetary science field researcher Robert Ward said, “We had a meteorite enter the atmosphere at 20- 22,000 miles per hour.”

His cameras were able to capture a speck in the sky around 7:20 a.m. “I immediately jumped out of bed with the whole sonic boom,” Ward said. “I grab my phone. I ran outside. The sonic boom created a 3.1 reading on the Richter scale, so that’s a fairly sizable event.” 

That’s what led Ward to believe the meteor was roughly the size of a microwave. “We need time to dig into that footage, look at other cams,” he said. “Our partners at American Meteor Society will triangulate that data using eyewitness accounts that people are actually gathering in the community.”

Brothers Abraham, 8, Zeke, 10, and Judah, 11, described seeing something move through the sky surrounded by a green hue. "We were looking out the window,” said Zeke. “Then we see this thing flying fast, and then it started glowing."

American Meteor Society expert Rob Lunsford said the green tint was most likely because the meteor was made of nickel. Researchers want to hear from other people who saw and heard the meteor event Sunday morning. Contact the American Meteor Society. 


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