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A quick note to let you all know that AZO is open, and I was finally able to get back the shop. The snow started falling here in northern Arizona late Saturday night and basically didn’t stop until yesterday afternoon. It was an awesome storm that dumped upwards of 3+ feet in the mountains! The roads in town were an absolute mess, so we waited until the plows had a chance to run. In any case, the AZO office is open and I am working as fast as possible to return all phone calls and emails. I do apologize if I missed you during this closure, I will be making contact today or tomorrow. 

If anyone is planning a prospecting trip to the northern Bradshaw Mountains, please use caution. The back roads will most definitely be covered in snow. Stay warm and be safe out there! 

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Glad your back safe..... that's a pretty area but it reminds me too much of Canada during the Winter, it was bad enough here in Gold Basin this week....

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