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Chris Gholson

First time finding one of these...

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Even though it’s not gold, I thought you all might enjoy seeing this cool relic I detected the other day. The way it screamed on the GPZ had me convinced it was a big nugget. Unfortunately it wasn’t a multi-ouncer, but luckily it wasn’t trash either. I took a minute for me to realize what I was looking at, but best I can tell it is an old jeweler’s loupe, or a magnifying glass. The leather is all curled up, but the glass lenses inside are intact and have a beautiful patina on them. As for a date, maybe 1920’s??? What do you guys think?

Showing before and after cleaning. 




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Very nice find Chris!   Not a thing a prospector or geologist would want to lose ~ back in the day.  Thinking about the day when he lost it.... he probably would of kept his loupe in a safe and secure pocket.... that said....  He also could of lost his poke along with his loupe!!!!  Maybe it deserves another trip for second look in the area Chris?

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