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GP Extreme settings

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Hey all..... I just purchased an Extreme should arrive tomorrow and I need to hit the ground running.... could someone please let me know where I should initially have the settings? I'll be in Greaterville area saturday and would like to get started on the right foot.


Thanks, Tom

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Level adjust about halfway

All metal

Soil switch in sensitive

Rx switch in normal

Balance in fixed (go from fixed to tracking pump coil switch back to fixed)

(Note) Any changes to this side of machine will require that you re-ground balance




Turn detector over

Boost switch in deep

Threshold as much as you can stand

Signal around halfway (personal preference)

Tone around halfway (personal preference)

Volume max


Hopefully you have one of the newer GPX's that actually work. If not they do provide a really good and fast service at Minelab USA in Las Vegas. You may have to keep sending it back and bugging them though like I did. 4 trips back but now it works.

Good Luck,


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Drop me an email at drawnats@aol.com


I swing a GP Extreme and will be in Greaterville this weekend. I can show you some settings, give ya some tips and point you in the direction of some good hunting areas.

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