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Chris Gholson

First Snow Fall in the Bradshaw's!

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Hi All,


Well, the first snow of the season touched the Bradshaw Mountains here in Arizona. Granted it wasn't much, but just enough of a dusting to cover the roads and add a beautiful layer of white to the pine trees. The weather forecasters keep saying that this winter could be a big one for AZ's high country. If the El Nino system does push its way up, we could have some huge snow falls up north, and lots of rain in the lower elevations.


Anyone coming up this weekend to do some prospecting around Prescott will want to bring a good jacket & gloves. I don't know how much more this storm will bring, but it is only 27 degrees at the moment and it looks like it might snow again. These cold temps & grey clouds have me wishing I was down somewhere like Yuma or Quartzsite swinging my GPX. Of course my dog waits all year for this moment. The more snow the better for her. She ran around for an hour solid this morning then fell sound asleep in it...:)

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Wow thanks for the pic Chris! That is beautful and looks like your buddy there likes it too. Ok take care and enjoy. God Bless y'all Chris.



John's Detectors

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