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Hi Doc,


Thanks for the great story! It warms the heart of this old Yankee, especially during this time of year. I think I can relate to the old prospector with all the snow we have on the ground right now. Nice to know there is still a Santa Claus after all these years ... even if it is the son in law!


Again thanks, And Happy Holidays to you and your Family,



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Darn good story Doc. Seemed to get better too as it went along.


All of us who prospect and dig in the gold fields know that God put the gold there for us to find. Over the past 35 years I've followed many a trail in the gold fields and met a lot of nice folks; but, most of all I've come to know my God and his son Jesus and along the way I've found out a lot about myself too. I am thankful I am not the last of a very special breed. . . a gold prospector and miner.


Merry Christmas.



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